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This list of online sites and resources are here to provide some helpful information, communities, and additional places to start looking into therianthropy related material online. There are also a few links for some non-therianthropic forms of animal connections and spiritualities, to give some starting point for those as well for people interested in them who come across this site. The list below is by no means exhaustive and we encourage visitors here to extend their searches, information seeking, and therian community activity beyond what is listed here.

Therianthropy and Otherkin; Community and Resource:

  • Werelist — a more neutral-ground board and resource for a variety of therianthropic and non-therianthropic discussions and topics
  • Awereness Forums — board for serious therianthropic discussions as also other non-therian discussions [generally inactive, though activity is certainly encouraged; has years of archived posts]
  • Therian Wilderness — board and site focused on therianthropy and spirituality (primarily spiritually oriented, but welcomes other views)
  • WulfHowl — includes a forum and main site primarily focusing on therianthropy with some non-therian otherkin topics
  • OtherkinSight – (the Therian Discovery Forum has been moved to here, its sister site) the board is for otherkin in general but includes a therianthropy-specific section
  • Feral Nature — a therianthropy-focused board with a variety of forum sections, and otherkin topics also welcome
  • Werelibrary — large collection of therianthropy essays from many individuals; subjects of writings vary greatly, including newbie guides, term-related essays, personal therianthropy, among other topics
  • Animal Quills — a Dreamwidth community devoted to therianthropy writings by a variety of therians; a wonderful source of personal, deep, or otherwise less than typical therian writings[was previously located on LiveJournal]
  • Animal Scribes — LiveJournal community with a similar concept to Animal Quills, but active and looking for further activity, and also welcomes visual artwork posts as well as writings
  • Therian.Wikia — a wiki pertaining specifically to therianthropy; contributors are needed and encouraged to add to the growing content
  • Beyond Awakening – site with numerous contributors of writing on various topics related to otherkin and therianthropy
  • Birds of a Feather – a Feral Scribes resource for, about, and by bird therians with related personal writings, lore and myth, links to avian-related information, and more
  • Otherkin Timeline: The Recent History of Elfin, Fae, & Animal People, compiled by Orion Sandstorm
  • Otherkin & Therianthrope Book List, compiled by Orion Sandstorm
  • TheriKiNexus — collection of therianthropy and otherkin related YouTube videos
  • Therianthropy Research Group — a small group of academics working together to perform some study and research on therianthropy and the therianthropy community


Therianthropy and Otherkin; Personal Sites:

  • Feather and Flame — site of a hawk therian, containing Meirya’s writings on therianthropy, Paganism, fiction stories, and other types of writing
  • Lupine Instincts – site of therianthropy writings by Elinox, an aquatic fae seawolf
  • The Sanctuary — personal writings by Sonne, a horse, cat, mongoose, winged theropod therian, and vampire’kin,  about her therianthropy and spirituality
  • Thébaïde — a good collection of personal therianthropy writings by Akhila, a clouded leopard and raven therian
  • Within the Ruins — site of the members of the Chimera multiple system; includes writings (hosted and linked) by the Chimera members
  • Absurdism — therianthropy and other writings by Quil, a leopard therian
  • The Savannah — writings on therianthropy and other topics by Citrakayah (Cheetah)
  • Feral Limbo — spiritual and therianthropic writings and artwork by Khamaseen


Helpful Theriotype Research Sites:

  • Arkive — a wonderful and growing resource on a variety of animals; includes videos, images, species accounts, and more
  • Ultimate Ungulate — reference site for a wide variety of ungulate species
  • Animal Diversity Web — good resource on written descriptions of animals
  • Internet Bird Collection (IBC) — great site for videos and images of birds across the world


Sites on Other Animal Connections and Spiritualities:

  • Daemon Page — main site on daemonism and includes a forum
  • The Green Wolf — site contains various articles and books by Lupa, a wolf therian and totemist; some of her writings deal with otherkin and therians, but also neo-shamanism and totemism, among other topics
  • WildSpeak — contains some information on animal energies (totems) and a growing [totem] dictionary

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