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Warning Signs

Not every community or individual out there is healthy or has your best interests in mind; here’s some things to look out for.

Why So Many Wolves?

It’s an often asked question: just why are there so many wolf therians out there?

Lost in Translation: Getting Over Terminology

Advice and commentary from Spectre on the difficulty of putting experiences into words.

Welcome Back to Project Shift

After a long hiatus, server, and DNS problems, we live. We’re currently in a functional if disorganized state.

There are some changes and important notices to be made aware of. First, the most obvious is that the current layout is not what it used to be. This will change in the near future, to make things more easily navigable.

In the meantime, our three categories remain the same:

The second most obvious change is that every article I have posted was written or added no later than 2013 (the last capture taken by the Internet Archive’s wayback machine). If something is missing (or if you’d like to add something new) please email me (Aethyriek) at werelibrary[at] (Currently known to be missing.)

Finally, probably the most important thing at the present moment is that our URL has been changed from .org to .net. So we’re now

The old URL did (and might still have) pornography parked on it. I did get an email asking if I’d like to buy it back for a very large sum of money.

I’d also like to move our ‘development community’ resource from Livejournal to elsewhere. Perhaps even on site so that things can be discussed, but without building a true forum. If you have ideas about that or what might be most comfortable, let me know. We’re using WordPress as our content management system.

Thanks everyone. If you have any questions shoot them off to Werelibrary’s email, since I’ll be checking that more frequently than others. This is a community project, after all.