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11 Years of Project Shift…

…possibly 12 years.

12 or so years ago, I had been given the keys to Werelibrary, to update the library and continue listing new content. During this time, I felt there was a void of 101 information about therianthropy that needed filling, and with a massive contribution of assistance from dozens of people Project Shift was born.

Time has passed and it went through just about every unpleasant problem a website can experience. Data has been lost. It’s a little out dated. It’s really neglected.

Werelibrary too had a similar experience, but has always gotten the brunt of this neglect. I’m slow to update it, I hate digging through the Wayback Machine to find old websites, and I usually only update in March each year.

For the past year, I have considered leaving both these projects for the Wayback Machine to devour because I’ve so regularly considered leaving the all facets of the community.

But then I asked some friends, and they feel like they’re resources worth keeping. I hope others feel the same.

A couple things are going to happen within the next month.

1. I’m shuffling URLs again. I know that’s a pain in the ass to do so soon, but I can’t afford to carry multiple domain names and it feels more organized.

2. I’d like to focusing on listing new content on Werelibrary, and I’m going to rely on all of you for that. Preserving our history is important, but so is celebrating and sharing what we currently have.

This means if you have or like any writing about therianthropy, theriomythics, or animal kin, I would love to hear about it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported these projects in every form over the past decade!

(Currently you can find me at aethyriek(at)gmail.com and centuriosenex.tumblr.com)

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